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What's a Japanese Home Tutor?

ACE Gaigo, Inc.

We dispatch high quality Japanese tutors & bilingual Japanese tutors to your home, office, cafe, etc. One-on-one Japanese conversation lessons available in the Tokyo metropolitan area and major cities throughout Japan. You can also take lessons with two or more family members, friends, or colleagues. Target students include infants, elementary and junior high school students, high school students, university students, company employees, working adults, housewives, and seniors. We carefully select instructors according to each student's Japanese level, learning objectives, and wishes, and our professional Japanese study counselors will take care of everything from selection of teaching materials, teaching methods, study consultation, and level improvement in Japanese.

Available Courses

according to your needs

Elementary & Middle
School Students

Using Japanese textbooks for elementary and junior high school students, instructors with a wealth of experience in teaching children will guide you through the course, so even beginners in Japanese can take the course with confidence. The course is designed to transform the Japanese language knowledge learned at school into practical skills that can be used in actual communication.

Everyday & Living
Conversational Japanese

We customize the content of each lesson according to each student's Japanese level and learning objectives. You can start learning Japanese from the basics. The goal is to be able to confidently converse with Japanese people in Japanese.
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Japanese Qualification
Exam Preparation

Professional instructors for Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT) and other examinations will directly teach learning methods and solution techniques on a one-on-one basis, and our instructors will accompany you perfectly to achieve your target score or acquire your target level in the shortest possible time.
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