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What's Unlimited Online Japanese?

Features of ACE Online

Unlimited online Japanese conversation lessons with high quality Japanese tutors & bilingual Japanese tutors from 5,500 yen monthly membership fee plus 1,000 yen per lesson!

One-on-one online Japanese language lessons.
You can start taking lessons immediately by installing free online video communication Apps such as Zoom, Skype, Line, etc. on your PC, and by using Web Camera, you can make two-way video calls while seeing the instructor's face.
You can also take lessons on your smartphone or tablet if you want.

The same teacher will be responsible for the ongoing instruction.
You will have the teacher all to yourself because there are no reservations by many students.
From introductory Japanese to specialized business Japanese, we will customize lesson materials and content according to the student's current Japanese level and needs.
We can teach not only daily Japanese conversation and travel Japanese conversation, but also business Japanese required for work, preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Tests and other Japanese language exams, and Japanese pronunciation clinic lessons.

Our target students range from 1st grade elementary school students to junior high school students, senior high school students, university students, company employees, working adults, housewives, and seniors.
We can also accommodate students whose families are posted to Japan.

We carefully select teachers according to each student's Japanese level, learning objectives, and wishes, and our professional language counselors will take care of everything from selection of teaching materials to teaching methods, study consultation, and level improvement in Japanese and your own language.

Japanese families and children living abroad can also take lessons from abroad!

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Available Courses

Customizable according to your needs

Daily & Social

We customize lessons according to each student's Japanese level and learning objectives. You can start learning from the basics of Japanese. The goal is to be able to confidently converse in Japanese with Japanese people when traveling abroad or living in a Japanese speaking country. Students can take classes from elementary school age and up.
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Japanese Conversation

This course is designed for students who want to learn practical and useful business Japanese conversation. We will teach you business Japanese conversation that can be used at your actual job, according to the type of company you work for and your actual work content. We aim for smooth business communication with an awareness of cross-cultural understanding of Japanese. We can also customize the content of the lessons to meet your needs, such as email writing and reading business documents, as well as conversational Japanese.

Japanese Qualification
Exam Preparation

Our professional instructors will teach you how to study and how to solve the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) directly on a one-on-one basis. The instructor will select the best study materials for each student and provide specific coaching on how to use the materials, study methods, and solution techniques. We can also provide preparation for exams other than certification exams.
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